Company Profile

GOCMEZ A.S was established in 1989 by Mr. Mehmet Gocmez with his 3 sons. Gocmez A.S started its business life with exporting dried apricots and during its 26 years of history added dried figs into its main product range. Although the company was found in 1989 , experince of the family in dried fruits sector starts from 1970's while trading dried apricots in the local market.
Through continuous investments and developments Gocmez A.S became a main actor in dried fruits sector . Company runs 3 different plants; 2 in Malatya and 1 in Izmir and processing dried apricots and dried figs with a total production capacity of 15.000 tons dried fruit which are certified wtih BRC A Grade and ISO 22.000 systems.
GOCMEZ A.S  continuously honorud by Turkish Exporters Association (TIM) while successing to be among top 1.000 exporters of Turkey every year.